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    About Us                                                                  >>Home--About us     

        Jiangsu Heng Kete Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is designs the manufacture numerical control highly effective cutting tool modernization cutting tool Production enterprise primarily in Changzhou high and new zone investment construction, the enterprise introduces the complete set Germany Walter cutting tool production equipment and the technology (five axis CNC intelligence cutter grinder, multi-purpose cutting tool measuring instrument) unify own more than 10 years cutting tool manufacturing design experience, the massive digestions, the absorption, the advanced technology and the management, devote to advance the cutting tool manufacture domestically the advancement.


    1.Hard alloy    2.Hard alloy 3.Hard alloy 4.Non-standard cutting 5. sharpening
    Hole processing cutting tool  Milling cutter The hands used reamer May according to the form Or blueprint orderMore complex is better Sharpening, again coating
    Each kind of specification series drill bit  Slot mill Machine reamer  
    cold drilling  mill Machine uses the taper bit  
    The steps and ladders drill  Ball milling utter Model reamer    
    Center drill  Three edge milling cutters      
    Reamer Arbor-type cutter      
      Formation milling cutter      


    ─Technical :We use the equipment like Walter five axis linkage intelligence cutter grinder, the Walter four axis measuring engine, all imports from Germany, company's major technique personnel and the technical worker also once went to Germany to carry on the strict professional training.
    ─Quality control :The company in view of the different cutting tool and the different working condition, the optimized cutting edge design, the optimal import ultrafine grain hard alloy good material, (the hole processing cutting tool mainly uses Germany ,The mill processing cutting tool mainly uses Germany USA Original material)And depended upon the strict manufacture standard and the rich tooling layout and the production experience has provided the reliable quality assurance for the manufacture high quality cutting tool 。

    ─service :The reliable technical force and the rich tooling layout experience, reduced the manufacturing cycle and the delivery time, may deliver (urgent document according to the actual situation in one week to be possible in 2 days delivery).
    ─Post-sale service :The company has established the perfect post-sale service system, the track product service condition, according to the customer feedback, further optimizes the cutting tool parameter, and provides the advisory service in the processing cutting parameter aspect, the maximized guarantee metal working high efficiency and the low cost.